A-W para-educators save student’s life

Posted October 23, 2014 at 5:00 am

By Julie Ann Madden

They were just doing their job so they didn’t think much about it.

In fact, their supervisor, Akron-Westfield Grades Preschool-6 Principal Cathy Bobier didn’t even know about it for a couple of weeks.

But on Sept. 10, Para-educators Patty Heeren and Felicia Miller saved a student who was choking at lunch.

And they give the credit to Emmalee Baker’s third grade classmates who alerted them to the fact Emmalee was choking.

“We were in here doing our duty,” said Miller, explaining their duty is to supervise the students who are eating lunch in The Commons. “The kids started yelling she was choking.”

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    j Care Center autumn view to southwest.tif

    Akron’s awesome autumn scenery

    It’s taken more than a decade to create this view. Landowners John and Mary Lucken originally planted a variety of trees with leaves that turn color in autumn as a way to beautify the town’s entrance along Iowa Highway 3. The fruit of their labor has created a picturesque scene for local nursing home residents to enjoy. This is the view from the front lawn of the Akron Care Center looking southwest. Another grand view is many residents have the opportunity to

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    j Hulls harvest pictiquorous photo.tif

    Farmers begin autumn harvest

    Many area farmers took to the fields with their combines this past week. On Sunday, Tom Huls of rural Akron and his father, Merle, were trying to finish this field of soybeans north of the intersection of County Roads C-38 and K-18 North. According to Merle, the moisture level was between 9 and 12 percent with a yield in the 50s bushels per acre range on this hill ground. Their bottom ground was pulling in yields in the 60s. The two farmers were hoping

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    Glass artwork is the featured display at the Akron library

    By Julie Ann Madden

    Many may know Akron’s mayor has artistic talents of woodworking and metalworking but how about his talent of creating glass art?

    “I’ve worked with steel, wood and now glass,” Harold Higman Jr. told The Akron Hometowner.

    “I want to do something different all the time,” he said, explaining that’s why he stayed in the family’s business, Higman Sand & Gravel. “I’ve always been

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    j Akron spec bldg construction with Bob Popken.tif

    2014 Akron ‘progress’

    Akron city employees are working to pack the lot between Akron Jo’s Cafe and The Akron Hometowner buildings in the 100 block of Reed Street. They are packing the dirt in preparation for construction of a spec building, which will fill the lot. According to city officials, there are several business owners interested in renting space in the building. Half of the building, and possibly more of it, will house Broken Kettle Winery, a new business owned by Mary and John

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    Akron still has police coverage

    By Julie Ann Madden

    Talk in downtown Akron last week was Akron Police Chief Kimm Nielsen and Assistant Police Chief Jared Gares were no longer on the force.

    On Friday, Akron Mayor Harold Higman Jr. said that’s not true.

    Nielsen has talked some about retiring, he said, as he’s been on the Akron Police Department since October 1993 and served as police chief since December 1993.

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    j 7_Akron_Trails by Visioning Cmte architects.tif

    Walking Trail enhancements

    These are the improvements landscape architect Jennifer Cross of RDG Planning & Design of Omaha, Neb., proposed to Akron councilors as part of a Community Visioning Committee grant process.

    Currently, Akron’s trails system are not clearly denoted, and nature trails are mowed paths that are not Americans with Disabilities Act compliant.

    “Creating a cohesive recreational trails plan to be developed in multiple phases is a top priority for

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    Akron has urgent need for ambulance volunteers

    By Julie Ann Madden

    When a person dials 9-1-1, he or she is often seeking emergency medical assistance. But what happens if an ambulance doesn’t arrive?

    That is what may happen in the Akron EMS territory if more people don’t step forward. There is an urgent need for drivers, Emergency Medical Technicians and Paramedics.

    Training is available, and Akron EMS Director Shelly Stockstad-Erickson is available to help with training. Plus, training costs will

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    j medals-Steve King pins Richard Huebner.tif

    Vietnam veteran finally receives war medals

    By Julie Ann Madden

    Bronze Star Medal.

    National Defense Service Medal.

    Vietnam Service Medal & Bronze Star Attachment (Quadruple).

    Republic of Vietnam Campaign Ribbon with 1960 Device.

    Marksman Badge & Rifle Bar.

    Vietnam Gallantry Cross Unit Citation with Palm.

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    City officials reveal land swap, campground plans

    By Julie Ann Madden

    Akron councilors have set a public hearing regarding their plans to swap a parcel of city property for property to develop the Akron Boat Ramp area at the west end of Reed Street.

    At their Sept. 23 meeting, City Attorney David Stuart explained he and City Administrator Gary Horton had been in negotiations with Akron Farmers Coop owners.

    City officials plan to swap

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